Fresh Pre-made meals delivered directly to your door

At Muscle Fuel we make healthy meals for people who understand the importance of eating properly.

 So How does it work?

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Muscle Fuel has 2 different menu’s you can select from

Empire Menu: Healthy versions of popular Kiwi favourites this menu is designed to maintain a healthier diet that is not only easy but exciting & delicious.

Classic Menu: Meals found in this menu are LOW IN FAT & HIGH IN PROTEIN designed to aid in fat loss & muscle gain. Compliment Classic meals with a regular exercise routine for the best results.

MIX N MATCH: This is our most popular way for customers to order. Mix N Match gives you a selection of both menus so you can pick and choose the meals that best suit you.

Both of the menu’s come in 2 sizes, Maxi & Lite:

Maxi -Large serving/ Ideal for a Male(400-550g)

Lite -Small serving/ Ideal for a female (250-350g)

These servings have been put together on a generic scale.

We require at least 2 working days to prepare any order then we dispatch overnight so you can expect your meals to be delivered anywhere between 2 – 3 business days after you have ordered.

If paying via bank transfer it is our policy that we wait for payment to clear before starting to prepare your order.

Muscle Fuel kitchen is open & operates Monday- Friday and can have orders sent out on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays.

ALL orders are made to order.

If straight from the fridge pierce the top lid with a fork or peel a corner and microwave for 90 seconds- 2 minutes on high.

We recommend Muscle Fuel meals to be eaten fresh however if you choose to freeze your order make sure you place them in the freezer as soon as your order arrives ( to maintain freshness). For best results defrost the meals in the fridge overnight then microwave on high for 2-3 minutes.If straight from frozen defrost in the microwave for 4 minutes then heat on high for 2-3 mins.

The meals have been packaged to last for the rest of the day chilled in the polystyrene bin but should be stored in a refrigerator as soon as possible

No, unfortunately while we relocate to our larger premise pick ups are unavailable from our production kitchen

We deliver to any address Nationwide as long as its not rural. To check if your address is rural you can communicate with our customer service team OR check address on NZ Couriers website.

If your address is rural not to worry we can deliver to destination points all across the country where you can pick up from.

Let us know if you have any specific requirements like particular day of delivery etc.

NOTE: The courier will leave the meal pack at the address whether someone is home or not so if this is going to be an issue please advise us of the best place to leave it.

Absolutely. This is a service we offer. If you would like meals customised check out our custom meal builder page

If you have any further questions email us at