about our meals of the month


This pot pie is guaranteed to be a hit with herbivores and Carnivores alike. Fresh gnocchi floating in a silky béchamel sauce which is enhanced with the flavours of sautéed leeks and sweet green peas. We take a naturalistic approach to the topping with the creation of our “super crumb”. Loaded with high protein seeds it’s a perfect finish to this dish.


Flying high above the rest is this very Moorish chicken chilli con carne. A pleasing combination of chicken, tomatoes, red kidney beans and spices provide a high fibre, low G.I hearty meal. Accompanied by our scrumptious oven baked cornbread and zingy jalapeno and lime cream that will have your taste buds soaring to new heights!

T-REX chimichurri steak 

Our carnivorous customers are sure to be when they sink their teeth into our tasty chimichurri steak. Coated with an aromatic rub, our oven seared steak is served with and intensely flavoured fresh herby chimichurri sauce and a side of seasonal oven roasted veg.