July 30, 2019 3 min read

It’s nothing short of tiring to juggle work commitments and kids while trying to stick to healthy habits or a weight loss plan.

But you shouldn’t have to compromise one thing for another, because there are simple ways you can increase your energy (without reaching for your nth cup of coffee!).

Try some of our suggestions and see how invigorated you feel!

#1. Being active

It sounds counterintuitive to use energy to increase energy, but our bodies are pretty clever.

When we exercise, our bodies release just the right modest amounts of stress hormones to make us feel energised!

Even a brisk walk can give you more energy to be productive throughout the day and if you combine exercise with a weight loss meal program you can achieve your target weight even faster.

Another benefit of working out is it can help you sleep soundly.

#2. Power naps

Not getting enough sleep can not only leave you feeling tired and irritable, but it can also cause you to eat when you're not actually hungry!

So, having a power nap can energise you and keep your hunger at bay too. 

Studies show 10-20 minutes is the perfect amount ofsleep to get through the day without throwing off your night's sleep.

#3. Healthy eating & hydration

Your body needs fuel to function so without the right nutrition your energy and mood will slump.

Eating healthy meals will improve your cognitive function and provide you with sustainable energy.

The best meals for fresh food are ones that are quick and easy - that’s why we love using healthy fresh ingredients in all of our delicious meals delivered to our customers every week.

By eating our healthy meals, they know they’re fuelling their bodies well for increased energy.

Did you know that fatigue is also one of the first signs of mild dehydration? So there’s another reason to drink your eight glasses of water a day! 

#4. Going out with friends

Here are some health-related reasons why you need to go out with your friends and have fun!

Firstly, laughter is a proven stress reliever and boosts energy, andstudies find that people who are less social are generally not as happy and don’t sleep as well.

Also, emotions caused by stress consume a lot of energy but talking to people can help reduce stress, and make you feel more awake too! 

#5. Having a sense of achievement

There’s a clear link between feeling happy and feeling energised, and what better way to get this feeling than having a great sense of achievement.

When you tick tasks off your figurative to-do list your brain very cleverly releases a happy hormone calleddopamine.

This keeps you motivated to achieve tasks so you can experience the “pleasure” hormone as a reward. 

Create mini-goals you can complete every day so your sense of achievement will boost your mood and energy levels.

Imagine the flood of dopamine you’ll experience when you smash your health goals! 

Doing these five things are simple ways to increase your energy which may make it a lot easier for you to stick to your healthy lifestyle or weight loss regimes. Here’s to a more energetic you! 


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