July 23, 2019 2 min read

Some people are morning people, and the rest of us are morning creatures at best! Waking up to get ready, and be at work on time, sometimes feels like such a struggle that it’s hard to believe some people are productive before they even get to work. Some simple changes to your morning routine can not only boost your productivity in the morning, but will set you up to have a productive day too.

#1. Drink a glass of water

Yes, you can still have your morning coffee, but make sure you have a large glass of water too! Dehydration impacts our cognitive function and mental performance, so you should start the day hydrated and thinking clearly.

#2. Don’t snooze

Snoozing is like eating a big bowl of dessert. It’s tempting, and amazing at the time, but afterwards you may regret it. Hitting the snooze button, then going back to sleep for a few minutes, confuses your brain’s “wake-up” signal so when you eventually get out of bed you feel groggy, and your productivity goes out the window. When your alarm goes off, try to sit up and drink that glass of water straight away to start your morning right!

#3. Meditate

Meditation helps reduce stress and trains your mind to maintain focus. Just meditating for 5 minutes can help to put you in the right mindset for the day ahead. For beginners, there are loads of meditation or mindfulness apps available that can help you get started.

#4. Exercise

“Active” and “morning” can seem daunting, but hear us out. Exercise is proven to improve your ability to focus, for hours after you finish your workout, which means your brain will be performing at its optimum when you start work!

#5. Put down your phone

Other than turning off your alarm, try not to look at your phone for an hour after you wake up. Your brain is naturally very suggestible when you wake up so your morning productivity may be lost forever if you so much as tap on a Facebook notification or open your emails! 

Give these changes a go so you can see that it’s possible for you to be productive before you head to work in the morning!