August 20, 2019 3 min read

8 travel insurance pitfalls 90% of Kiwi's fail to consider when travelling overseas by industry experts. Number 5 could save you thousands! 

Travel insurance is not the most glamorous part of planning your trip, but it could be the most essential. With the Rugby World Cup coming up this will be an essential guide to any Kiwi looking to make the trip to Japan.

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance provides you with cover for medical expenses, lost luggage, trip cancellation, flight accident and other loses while travelling.

There's no better feeling than leaving reality behind to go on a trip of a lifetime!

But anything can go wrong at any time! 

Perhaps you're a first-time traveller and you're embarking on a worldwide journey, or perhaps you've got your sights set on discovering your home country!

Now let's get into it!

Here are the 8 travel pitfalls Kiwis make before travelling abroad by industry experts!

1.) Always Declare Pre-Existing Medical Conditions.

"Medical costs abroad can be very expensive, so it is vital to ensure that you get the right policy to cover your needs. In order to get the right cover, you must let your travel insurance provider know of any pre-existing medical conditions that you have." - Compare Travel Insurance NZ

2.) Don't leave It To The Last Minute

"Travel insurance is fantastic – provided you have it in place! Things can happen before you leave for your holiday as well as during the course of it, so would-be travellers should book their travel insurance the moment they pay any non-refundable deposits towards flights or accommodation." - Canstar NZ

3.) Double check what you are and aren’t covered for!

Let's face it, kiwis are pretty extreme!

"Extreme activities – it probably goes without saying, but "extreme" activities like skydiving, parachuting and hang gliding are generally not covered at all. Sometimes you can purchase extra coverage for things like skiing, kayaking, snowboarding and surfing" - Stuff NZ



4.) Expect The Unexpected

"Even the most carefully planned trip can go unexpectedly wrong. Regardless of how careful you are, some events are simply beyond your control.Imagine you’re mid-martini when bad news breaks. Should you need to return home to your family you’ll be covered for unforeseen events like injury or illness of a close relative." - AA Travel Insurance NZ


5.) Don't Drink And Claim

Let's be honest kiwis love to party!

"But be careful one beer could cost you your travel insurance.Look, riding a Harley overseas when you are drunk, high and don't have a helmet probably isn't the brightest thing to do. Jumping off a balcony drunk ass might seem like a cool idea until you end up in a hospital!  This will not be covered!" - Travel Insurance Direct

6.) Thinking Of Driving Aboard?

"Whether you’re in Italy, or you’re travelling within Australia, if your rental car is involved in an accident, is damaged, or is stolen, you could be liable to cover the cost of the rental car excess which can cost you thousands of dollars." - 1 Cover Insurance NZ


7.) Check Out Residency Rules

"This is a cheeky little trick that insurance companies play, and something you might not know unless you read the small print. Most policies stipulate that you need to have lived in your country of residence for at least 6 of the last 12 months for the policy to be valid. This won’t concern the regular holidaymaker, but expats should always check a policy for this." Urban Travel

8.) Get In Shape Before You Travel

Travelling is one of life’s best experiences, expanding your mind and opening up new realms of possibility. It can, however, be tough on your body physically. Lugging heavy suitcases around, catching new modes of transport and dealing with life outside of your comfort zone can not only cause old injuries to flare up but also make you mentally and physically exhausted.

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