April 03, 2019 2 min read

We live in a booty-ful world, full of booty-ful people. Where butt implants are merely a flight away, app’d photos with their inconsistent backgrounds don’t seem to matter, and butt lifting undergarments have become a ‘thing’.

But one thing is setting the fitspo world, and their thighs, on fiyyyyarh. The Booty Band.

For those not yet in the know, Booty Bands are the latest iteration of rubber resistance training bands used to tighten your glutes, strengthen your hips and keep those knees inline, all the while increasing the effectiveness of your workout.

They aren’t a new thing; they’ve just been reimagined for the new generation. Old meets new, you could say.

Wide, flat and with a diverse range of tension strengths, there are many things to LOVE about this ‘new’ (yet not so new) phenomenon.

So, what’s the hype?

  • They’re CHEEEEAAAP. When gym memberships start at $500, and a leg press machine would set you back $1499.99, a Booty Band hovers around $30 making it one of the most inexpensive pieces of workout equipment you can own.
  • Because, variety. Booty Bands are not a ‘one size must fit all’ piece of equipment. With a range of tensions and variations in the bands available, it’s great for those wanting to add variety to their workout, and precision to their muscle targeting. Basically it’s a leg workout winner!
  • For the travellers. Small enough to fit in your pocket, but large enough to stretch across your hips. The size of a Booty Band is everything a nomad could ever want for. Commonly set at 12” long and wafer thin, the bands are great for people heading away for a weekend, a week, or on their big OE.
  • Versatility. You heard it here first folks: Booty Bands are not just for your booty. There are a million ways you can use them, try searching for workouts using ‘resistance band workout’ to see the full body effects.

There are of course some things to look out for when buying a booty band, because with all the hype comes the opportunists. Case and point: if a deal look’s too good to be true (read: cheap) it probably is. Lesser quality bands tend to be less effective, break easily, and roll while performing. (We all know what a rubber band snapping on our hand feels like, so make sure you do your research.)

Invest in a programme with a PT to learn how to use your Booty Band before diving in, or at the very least watch some YouTube videos. It will help with the trial and error.

When used properly, Booty Bands are a pretty efficient tool for getting that Instagram-worthy derriere.