July 04, 2019 3 min read

You’ve heard of it, some of your mates have done it before, and maybe you’re considering doing it too - it’s “Dry July”!

Dry July is when people abstain from alcohol for a month and not only is it an awesome way to raise funds to support adults with cancer, but it’s also a great excuse to kickstart a healthier lifestyle for yourself. Research shows some of the benefits you could experience by not drinking during Dry July are: weight loss, saving money, a clearer head, more energy, healthier skin, better sleep, and a sense of achievement. Imagine how much easier it will be to smash your goals this month without experiencing the downsides of drinking alcohol: consuming too many empty calories, not getting enough sleep, lower energy levels, hangovers, etc. 

If you’re thinking about giving it a go, here are 5 ways you can really maximise the benefits of doing Dry July.

#1. Make some other small changes towards a healthier lifestyle

If you’re used to drinking most weekends, then abstaining from alcohol may feel like a big change. That’s why you shouldn’t pressure yourself into changing your lifestyle too drastically. Just try a few small changes to help maximise your results this month, such as drinking two extra glasses of water per day. One when you wake up, and the other before you go to bed. Another small change could be increasing your exercise regime. You’ll have more time and energy this month, so why not use it to your body’s advantage!

#2. Give yourself visual reminders

Sometimes we get cravings, especially when we try to cut something out of our lives, so it’s important to remind ourselves why we chose to abstain in the first place. An easy visual reminder, and helpful way to raise money, is making a Money Glass. Grab a glass, and instead of putting wine in there, put the money that you would have spent on alcoholic drinks into the glass. By the end of the month you may be surprised to see how much money you spend on alcohol, and it will go towards a great cause instead!

#3. Treat yourself

If Dry July were easy it wouldn’t be a great way to raise money, would it? We thrive from positive reinforcement when we overcome challenges, so you should reward yourself. Think of something you’re going to do to reward yourself at the end of the month - or if it’s easier to keep you motivated, you could reward yourself at the end of each week of Dry July!

#4. Make plans for your healthier lifestyle

Change is challenging enough without having to think about how you’re going to fit everything into your day. Prepare your lunch and dinner ahead of time, or better yet, order nutritious ready-to-eat meals to be delivered weekly to your door. Muscle Fuel’s meals tick all the boxes for nutrition and portion control, and our ever-changing menu of delicious meal options means you will always look forward to mealtime. 

#5. Get your friends and family to support you

Don’t be shy - ask everyone and anyone to sponsor you, however much they can, for Dry July. Or better yet, encourage them to get on board and do Dry July with you! All money raised is invaluable for cancer patients to improve their comfort and wellbeing. Remember, there’s no harm in asking for a donation.

To sign up for Dry July, or to get more info, head over to the official Dry July website:www.dryjuly.com. Best of luck!