October 10, 2020 4 min read

One of the key aspects of maintaining good health is being physically active.  It keeps your heart healthy and aids digestion among other things.  The mental aspect of enjoying physical activities with others cannot be ignored as well.

When Covid took a lot of our options away from us we had to adapt and make do with neighbourhood walks and home gym style workouts.  Never before had a simple set of bands been so valuable.

Now we are back to Level 1 most facilities are back up and running (Our heart goes out to the owners who didn’t make it through).  With so many options at our disposal it’s worth considering which kind of exercise you want to pick up leading into summer this year.  If you’ve been thinking about making a change perhaps now is the time to make it.  And if you’re not currently doing any structured exercise then maybe it’s time to commit to one now and give it a shot to finish the end of 2020 positively.

Walking / Running challenge
The idea is to challenge yourself each day and increase either your distance or duration each week to increase your fitness levels.  No matter where you are right now you can always make gradual improvements so in 12 weeks you are in better physical shape.  The walkways never close (unless it’s super rainy and you don’t feel like it) so you can do these workouts whenever you want.

Gym workouts
Whether you have accumulated a home gym with free weights or machines or have a gym membership with the internet as your guide you have access to a multitude of different exercises.  A good mix of compound movements like squats and bench press with isolation movements like bicep curls or calf raises is usually the best approach.  Gym’s are a great way to meet new people on similar journeys as yourself so don’t be shy or intimidated.


Social Sports
It doesn’t matter whether you play Golf, Netball, Soccer or any other social sport the goal is too be active, be social and have fun!  Kiwi’s love to play games and coming into Summer is the perfect time with the sunny weekends here.  Have a look on your local FB groups for details on different options available.

Fitness Classes
Lot’s of gym are opening their fitness classes back up now that social distancing has been eased so check out what is on offer at your local gym and get involved!

Boot Camps
Perfect way to keep motivated throughout your whole workout with the watchful eye of your trainer to make sure you are performing your exercise safely.  Perfect option for mums with young children (Bring your ipad)

Yoga Studios
Who wouldn’t want to be more flexible!  Especially as we get older.  Want to turn up the heat (literally)?  Check out Bikram PHEW!

Pilates Studios
Great option regardless of your fitness background.  An encouraging environment that lets you participate at your own pace will improve your posture, body alignment and give you one heck of a core workout

Crossfit / F45 / Orangetheory Boxes
Remember those gym workouts your PE teacher would throw you through before you had to go back to maths class all sweaty?  It’s kind of like that, minus the maths.  Hugely popular and lots of locations popping up across the country there’s bound to be one near you.  The difference between the 3?  Expect to do more cardio and High intensity interval training at Orangetheory, Crossfit has more emphasis on Strength Training while F45 is kind of in the middle of the 2.  This is oversimplifying it and every box runs slightly different so your best bet is to go and check out the options around you and make your decision based on your own preferences.


Tramping / Hiking
NZ is blessed with some amazing tramps and hikes right on our doorstep so why not take advantage of it!  I mean who doesn’t want to get that perfect shot at the top of a waterfall for their Instagram #lark

Unless you’re 10 years old your swimming season outdoors probably only extends from December to April but there are bound to be several indoor pool options around your home you can take advantage of.  Low impact and easy on your joints, swimming is also one of the most relaxing forms of exercise you can do.  

Whatever exercise programme you choose it is important to keep your eating habits in mind.  As the old saying goes - You can’t out train a bad diet, so make sure you keep an eye on your food choices and portion sizes. 

The development team at Muscle Fuel has taken the guess work out of meal prep, we’ve designed each meal to meet your caloric and macronutrient goals to align with your goals.  No worrying about prepping, cooking or cleaning with our meals.  Just a simple 90 second heat and mealtime is ready. 

Think of the time you’ll save.  Time you could be using to exercise every day.

Muscle Fuel Team