December 28, 2019 2 min read

The best diet plan you can follow is one that you actually follow right?

It seems logical, but with dozens of different meal plans promising you instant weight loss or overnight muscle gain popping up on the internet every week it becomes hard to filter through them and find a plan that will actually work for you.

We take a 'Lifestyle Nutrition' approach to developing our meals.  Our meals must hit macronutrient targets but also taste great so you actually look forward to each and every meal. 

Over the past 6 years we have spent a lot of time researching and developing meals that appeal to Kiwi's taste buds.  We have introduced more than 200 meal options over this time and still love playing with food trends, ingredients and fusions to create new unique menu's.  

But what makes a Muscle Fuel meal 'Healthy'?

The key components we use to make our meals 'healthy' are 

- Macronutrient profiling to fit within defined parameters
- Use of unprocessed ingredients
- No nasty additives
- Sourcing ingredients from Sustainable and ethical local suppliers
- Lots of variety of food groups in our constantly changing menu

What are the Macronutrient Parameters Muscle Fuel works too?

Using guidelines from top NZ nutritionists and the NZ Australian Food standards authority we developed an 'Everyday Health' profile for our menu.  Our meals are designed to be used as either Lunches or Dinners.  We encourage our customers to eat a decent breakfast and have a couple of snacks as well.  While not necessary for everyone, some of our active customers also like to consume a protein shake to aid their training recovery.  We believe there is a place for some supplements but you should start by addressing your diet first.  In the right circumstances a protein shake can enhance the effective of our meals.

These are the parameters all of our Everyday Health menu fit into:

These parameters are ideal for most kiwi's looking for a healthy balanced meal made up of good quality protein sources, unprocessed carbohydrates and healthy fats.

Do Muscle Fuel offer Keto options?

[Update June 2020]
After considerable development time we have just launched a new range of Keto meals.  We have 15 great tasting meals that all fit into the Keto lifestyle parameters available in Lite and Maxi size.  Check them out in the 'Keto Menu'.

Hamish Coulter
Founder and CEO of Muscle Fuel