Lunchtime or Dinnertime rolls around.  You think ‘Ah shoot, I haven’t organised anything, I’ll have to grab something’.  More often than not the ‘convenient’ options are not doing your health any favours.  Pretty soon you just fall into a trap where these poor food choices become the normal option.

We get it.  Life is busy.  Work, family and mates means your nutrition goes on the back burner.
But every poor food choice you make is one step further to getting in shape.

Yeah sure, you could easily prep and cook all of your own meals.  You could find the time to do it each day if you got up earlier or you were more organised right?  But you don’t do you. That’s why you are here.  And thats why we are here.

It would be so much easier if we had someone to figure out what we should be eating and actually made it for us.  Like a personal chef.  Someone that would make a healthy filling meal that also tasted great.  Then all we had to do was EAT IT.  That’s the dream right?


12 healthy FRESH pre-made meals (6 lunches + 6 dinners)

Option to change your 12 meals per week of your choice from our wide range of 40 meals.

Your own dedicated success coach

FREE Online 10-Week healthy living guide to accelerate results

14 day meal quality money back guarantee, backed by our CEO.  Not happy with your meals?  We will make it right!

Menu Range

With an ever-changing range of meals to choose from

Our Customers favourite classic meals!

Classic Menu

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    Your first meal delivery will be 24th October 2018. We will confirm this after registration
    The Muscle Fuel 10 week challenge terms of service can be viewed HERE
    The Muscle Fuel terms of service can be viewed HERE
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