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12 healthy fresh pre-made meals (6 lunches + 6 dinners every week)

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FREE Online 10-Week healthy living guide to accelerate results

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T's & C's

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Menu Range

Choose our classic menu for a large variety of nutritious, healthy, pre-made meals that cater to many dietary preferences

Classic Menu

Choose our Vegetarian menu for multiple options designed specifically for the nutritional needs of a vegetarian

Vegetarian Menu

The Challenge ETHOS

The 10 week challenge is a weight loss programme that holds these 4 pillars dearly.

The first is the simple science behind losing body fat

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The first is the simple science behind losing body fat. If you eat less energy than your body expends during the day it will use your fat stores to fuel itself which means you will ‘burn fat’. We achieve this by portion controlling our meals to set caloric value ranges to suit weight loss. We don’t starve you, we believe in using the minimum caloric deficit to achieve the desired result works best long term.

The second is in the ingredients we use.

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We only use unprocessed natural ingredients in our meals that have good macronutrients and just as importantly micronutrients. These will provide you with many of the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to lose bodyfat. Scientific studies have shown that meals made with unprocessed natural ingredients make you fuller while eating less and your body can absorb the food better meaning you utilise all of the goodness within your meals.

The third is in the taste.

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The best diet you can possible follow is the one you stick too. We realise eating to a meal plan can be hard so our chefs have developed a varied range of healthy fresh meals that taste great! You will genuinely look forward to your next meal.

The fourth is Ethics of food sourcing

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Ethics of food sourcing are also important to us so we only source from local businesses and work with suppliers who can demonstrate the same values as us like freerange chicken and eggs, grass fed beef and high food safety practices.  Our company promotes a healthy positive workplace where every employee is valued and it shows through the love and care put into every meal.

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Got Questions? We have the answers

What does shipping cost?

Delivery costs around the North Island are dependant on where you are, and we ship with New Zealand Couriers.

$10.00 – Hamilton
$13.50 – Waikato/BOP
$20.00 – Northland, Auckland, Wellington, Central & Lower North Island
$45 – South Island

What is Woolcool?

Made from wool from the underbelly of a sheep, Woolcool is environmentally responsible, insulated packaging used to keep chilled goods cold during transit.

Can I hold my 10 Week Challenge order?

We can certainly place your 10 Week Challenge order on hold. Holds must be communicated via phone or email one week in advance, in order for us to place your payment and meal delivery on hold. The maximum time an order can be placed on hold is 3 weeks, unless there are special circumstances, which we can discuss when you get in touch.

Can I change my meals?

Yes you can! Change your meals using the link sent in your welcome email, or found in your guide book. Meal changes need to be in by the appropriate cut off time.
This is 2.00pm on Thursday if you have a Tuesday delivery,
and 2.00pm Wednesday if you have a Saturday delivery.

Do I need to create an account on the website?

No, there is no need to create an account if you are joining the 10 week challenge.
Once you have signed up we will create a account for you on our EXCLUSIVE Challenge website.

Is there an early cancellation fee if I cancel before I have completed the 10 weeks?

There is a cancellation fee of $49.95 if you cancel before the end of the 10 weeks. If you would like to cancel your 10 Week Challenge, cancellations must be communicated via phone or email one week in advance, in order for us to action your cancellation.


What is the 10 Week Challenge?

The 10 Week Challenge is designed to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be!* We send you 12 meals a week for 10 weeks, and give you a nutrition and workout guide to help alongside your 6 lunches and 6 dinners for the week.

Read more about our 10 Week Challenge, and register here

How does the 10 Week Challenge work?

Once you register for the 10 Week Challenge, our Sales Team will be in contact to confirm your details. When you’re all set up, we’ll send you the nutrition and workout guide, and your meals will start arriving weekly to your doorstep every Tuesday!

Will I receive the same meals each week?

For your first week on the 10 Week Challenge, we will send you a favourites pack, which includes 12 meals in total –  11 of our most loved meals and 1 of our meal of the month. We have a range of meals available to choose from, and each week you can submit your changes for your next order through our website.

When are the 10 Week Challenge meals delivered?

We deliver the 10 Week Challenge meals weekly on Tuesdays.

What is the cost of the 10 Week Challenge?

There are two different 10 Week Challenge packs available.

Lite sized meals are our smaller portion of meals, and are $139.00 per week*

Maxi sized meals are our larger portion of meals, and are $164.00 per week*

*shipping not included

How do I pay for the 10 Week Challenge?

Payments are taken via credit or debit card only. A weekly credit or debit card recurring payment is taken, usually three days before your delivery day. Alternatively, upfront payment for the 10 Week Challenge can be made via credit or debit card.