What is the difference between Maxi and Lite meals?

Our Maxi meals are for our larger eaters, and our Lite meals are for our lighter eaters.

Can I customise my meals?

All of our meals are made and packed as described on our website. We are unable to take requests or customise meal ingredients due to our large volume of production.


Do you have dairy free, vegetarian or gluten free meals?

We cater to a wide range of preferences and intolerances categorised below.
To view specific dietary restricted meals please use the refine search bar which is located on the meals page at the top right.
Please keep in mind that other meals do contain these ingredients – if you have severe allergies/intolerances we feel its best to discuss them with our customer service team before ordering.
The majority of our meals do not have ingredients that contain Gluten in them but we cannot guarantee they don’t have traces of Gluten in them hence we don’t claim they are Gluten Free.
If you are a coeliac then don’t consume our meals.  If you are just trying to avoid gluten/carbs for other reasons you are absolutely fine to eat them.

Do you have a break down of ingredients and/or nutritional info?

Yes. All ingredients and nutritional information for our meals can be found on each meal page under the ‘Ingredients’ and ‘Nutritional Information’ tabs.

Where do you source your ingredients from?

We source the ingredients for all our meals from renowned local suppliers. Delivered fresh, daily. To ensure we produce quality driven meals.

How do I store my meals?

Once you have received your Muscle Fuel order store them in the refrigerator as soon as possible.

We recommend storing your meals in the refrigerator to ensure freshness, however, if freezing your meals is also possible.

How do I reheat my meals?

From fresh: Pierce the top lid with a fork or peel a corner and microwave for 2-3 minutes depending on the meal.

From frozen: For best results defrost the meals in the fridge overnight then microwave on high for 2-3 minutes. If you are reheating from frozen, defrost in the microwave for 4 minutes then heat on high for 2-3 mins

Due to varying microwave wattages, some microwaves may require slightly more time to heat each meal.

How long do the meals last?

Our meals last up to 10 days in the fridge. All meals have an expiry date on reverse.

What do I do with the packaging?

Although we don’t take back any of the packagings, most of it can be recycled.

TRAYS: Your individual meal trays can be recycled in your weekly plastic recycling collection.

BOX: The cardboard box can be broken down and put out for recycling.

ICE PACKS: The ice packs can be cut open, with it’s non-toxic filling it’s safe to empty down the sink & recycle the plastic with your soft plastics.

WOOLCOOL: Once removed from its lining, (which can also be recycled with soft plastics) is biodegradable & compostable.

Can I make an order of just Frooze Balls?

We offer Frooze Balls as an added extra to our meals, if you would like to purchase these you will need to have a couple of meals in the cart as well.

How can I pay for my order?

Orders are to be paid online through PayStation. It is our company policy that all payments must be cleared before being prepared & sent.



When will my order be delivered?

The day for delivery will be dependent on the option that you have chosen and if you have ordered before the cut off time.

Cut off times for delivery days are below:

Wednesday delivery – Order before midnight Sunday

Saturday delivery – Order before midnight Wednesday.

If you miss the cut off time for that week, delivery will default to the chosen day the following week. For example, if you select Wednesday delivery but don’t place your order until Monday (which is after the cut off) you will not receive your meal until the following week.

What if no one is home when the courier delivers?

Although it would be beneficial for you to be present for your delivery, our couriers are instructed to leave your order at the address whether someone is home to receive it or not.

When we send the order we will automatically send an email to let you know your delivery is on its way. You can also include delivery instructions at checkout for our courier to leave it somewhere safe.

Can I request my order to be delivered on a specific day? What time will it arrive?

Muscle Fuel ONLY delivers on Wednesday and Saturday. Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver outside of these days. When your order is picked up from our facility, an email will be sent to you with tracking details so you can check where your meals are at every step of the journey. One of our dedicated team will also track your order to make sure it arrives with you.

Because the deliveries are made by NZ Couriers who run their own schedule, we are unable to determine an exact delivery time.

Am I able to request my order to be delivered at a specific time?

No. We are unable to specify a delivery time as this is determined by the courier. Muscle Fuel delivers on both Wednesdays and Saturdays. 

Can I have my meals delivered on Saturday?

Yes, we are able to have your order delivered on a Saturday – order before midnight on Wednesday to select Saturday at the checkout.

NZ couriers close at 12 noon on Saturdays so your order will be delivered in the morning.

We recommend tracking your order to make sure it arrives safely.

How are the meals packed for delivery?

All meals are chilled and packed into a cardboard box with a solid ice pack and our Woolcool insulation technology. This packaging allows your meals to remain chilled during delivery, and is environmentally-friendly, compostable and biodegradable. The order is then picked up by the courier for an overnight or same day delivery.

Do you deliver to my address?

We deliver nation wide, unfortunately we are unable to deliver to rural addresses but we can have the order delivered to a drop point near your location for you to then pick up.
Please check your address on the New Zealand Couriers address checker: to confirm.

How much does delivery cost?

The price is determined by how many meals you order and where in New Zealand it’s being delivered to.

Can I pick up meals from your Hamilton facility?

Unfortunately, we are unable to have orders picked up from our production facility due to health and safety.



What is the 10 Week Challenge?

The 10 Week Challenge is designed to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be!* We send you 12 meals weekly, for 10 weeks. We also provide a nutrition and workout guide on the exclusive Challenge site to help alongside your meals

Read more about our 10 Week Challenge here

How do I place my order?

If you are new to the 10 Week Challenge, click here to subscribe.

If you are already a member click here to sign into your account on the exclusive Challenge site.

Once signed in, pick your meals from our menu and proceed to the checkout and use your personalised coupon to complete your order.

How does the 10 Week Challenge work?

Once you register for the 10 Week Challenge, our dedicated success coach will be in contact to confirm your details. When you’re all set up, we send you an email with your details to access the exclusive Challenge site, which has the nutritional guide and workout videos, as well as getting 12 meals a week turning up on your doorstep!

When are the 10 Week Challenge meals delivered?

We deliver 12 meals weekly,  generally on a Monday, Tuesday or Saturday

What is the cost of the 10 Week Challenge?

There are two different 10 Week Challenge packs available.

Lite sized meals are $149.00 per week*

Maxi sized meals $169.00 per week*

*shipping not included

How do I pay for the 10 Week Challenge?

Payments are taken via credit or debit card only. A weekly credit or debit card recurring payment is taken, usually three days before your delivery day. Alternatively, upfront payment for the 10 Week Challenge can be made via credit or debit card.

Can I hold my 10 Week Challenge order?

We can certainly place your 10 Week Challenge order on hold. Holds must be communicated via phone or email one week in advance, in order for us to place your payment and meal delivery on hold. The maximum time an order can be placed on hold is 3 weeks unless there are special circumstances, which we can discuss when you get in touch.

Can I change my meals?

Yes, you can! Change your meals using the link sent in your welcome email. Meal changes need to be in by the appropriate cut off time.
This is 2:00 pm on Thursday if you have a Tuesday delivery,
and 2:00 pm Wednesday if you have a Saturday delivery.

Do I need to create an account on this website?

No, there is no need to create an account if you are joining the 10 Week Challenge.

Once you have signed up we will create a account for you on our EXCLUSIVE 10 Week Challenge website.

Is there an early cancellation fee if I cancel before I have completed the 10 weeks?

Nope!  There is no penalty for leaving the 10 week challenge before the 10 weeks is completed.  If you would like to cancel your 10 Week Challenge, cancellations must be communicated via phone or email 4 days prior to your next delivery, in order for us to action your cancellation.

join the 10 week challenge!