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Join the Keto lifestyle and transform your physique with ease!

Join the Keto lifestyle and transform your physique with ease!

Premade Keto Lunches and Dinners delivered weekly.

Programme Guide

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What is a Ketogenic Diet?

A Keto diet is a low-carb, high fat diet. By limiting your consumption of carbs your body will enter into a state of nutritional ketosis. Your carb intake is limited to 25g of net carbs per day and the rest of your calorie intake would consist of protein and fats. This results in your body using your body fat stores as an alternative to consumed carbohydrates as its primary energy source.

What is Ketosis?

Ketosis is a natural metabolic state which uses our fat stores instead of glucose, which only occurs with the absence or near absence of carbohydrates in our diets.
 Normally our body uses the glucose found in carbohydrates as its main energy source but by reducing our intake to 25g of net per day or less for most people, sugar levels will be much  lower, which tells our hormones to release fatty acids from our fat cells. It is these fatty acids which are used as our replacement to glucose.

How long does it take?

When you start your journey on a keto diet it takes a few days for your body to enter a ketosis state. Once you are in Ketosis you become a fat burning machine. If you continue to eat a Keto diet you can maintain this fat burning phase for an extended period of time and drop a considerable amount of body fat as well as feeling more alert, better gut health & digestion, improved skin and generally wellbeing.


We give you all the tools to get results!

Are you tired of trying the latest weight loss fad or hard to maintain work-out programmes and not achieving the result you want?

Specifically designed by our team of nutritionists, success coaches and food technicians the Keto Dash is a system that focuses on convenience, ease and long lasting results. 

The Keto Dash focuses on eliminating carbohydrates from your diet and increasing your fats.
It’s not about counting calories, it’s about providing you with the food it needs to reset your body to use your fat stores as fuel.

While on the Keto Dash you will learn portion control and good Keto food choices so you are setup for a long term weight solution.

Now is the time to take action: Obtain your goal physique and accelerate towards the lifestyle you want for good. Join the Keto Dash movement and enjoy the benefits!


Lunch and Dinner sorted!
Every week we will deliver your choice of Chef made heat and eat Keto friendly Lunch and Dinners that will push your body into Ketosis.

Coached Success!
You will be connected with a MF Success Coach to work with you & achieve your best results possible.

Levelled UP knowledge!
Be guided with the Keto Dash e-book which contains an instruction guide on how to ensure you achieve your goal result. Everything you need to be successful is in your hands.

Support Network

Access to the Keto Dash Facebook community page to provide you with a place to get motivated, pick up tips and share your success.



Our programme is split into 3 phases:

Phase 1:
Detox Reset

2 WEEKS- We introduce you to your weight loss journey with an eating plan that will transition you into a state of Ketosis. We also employ the use of intermittent fasting to make your body switch from using your food intake as fuel to using your body fat stores.

Phase 2:
Active Stimulation

2 WEEKS- We start introducing some more food in the form of Fats and Protein. We monitor your intake so you continue to burn through your fat stores at a steady rate each day while feeling mentally focused and motivated towards hitting your goal.

Phase 3:
Fat Adapted

4 WEEKS - During this Phase we increase your fats and protein up again and focus on balancing your Microbiome for gut health by adding some Probiotics.Weight will continue to drop and you’ll feel better than ever. You are now living the Keto Dash Lifestyle

After 8 weeks you will be well adjusted to the Keto lifestyle. You’ll be lighter, more energetic and educated. We have maintenance programmes that will help you continue to lose weight after your Keto Dash is complete so you can continue to live the Keto lifestyle with ease.


✅ We teach you how to regulate your Ghrelin which reduces Hunger and cravings

✅ Using Food to reduce your internal inflammation helping you drop inches off your body from water retention

✅ Balance your Microbiome and restoring your Gut Health for enhanced general health and Wellbeing

✅ Regulate your insulin levels to avoid energy crashes and increase mental focus

✅ Reset your Thyroid so your body metabolises your food into useful functions and keep your metabolism in check

✅ Prevent Muscle Loss

✅ Improve emotional stability

✅ Work within your menstrual cycles



Anyone who is looking to lose a couple of dress sizes and reverse the aging process to look better, feel healthier and more energetic.

This programme does not include any strenuous exercise so you will not have to exert any more energy than you currently are.

Also useful for people suffering from:

✅ Diabetes

✅ High Blood Pressure

✅ Hypertension

✅ Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

✅ Irritable Bowel Syndrome

✅ Abnormal Cholesterol

✅ Epilepsy


Who this programme is NOT for:

Under 18 year olds

❌ High Performance Athletes in performance phase

❌ Pregnant or Breast Feeding Mums (unless your midwife approves of eating on a Keto programme).

❌ People who only kind of want to lose weight and can't commit to following the programme 100%

❌ People who have pre-existing liver, kidney, diabetes or heart conditions without consulting their doctor or medical advisor first

*We do not recommend you move straight onto this programme if you have just completed a calorie restricted diet without a stand down of at least 2 weeks to give your thyroid a chance to recover.



Healthy fresh Keto pre-made meals

Using natural Locally sourced, keto friendly, unprocessed ingredients you will have more energy, vitality, balanced hormones and more confidence.

We have done the hard work for you designing, cooking and portioning your meals out for you so you can eat Keto with ease.

Our great tasting and filling meals only need a few minutes in the microwave or oven then eat!

‘The Keto Dash’ programme E-Book

A guide to understanding how the Keto Dash works, advice and tips so you can extract your best results.

Keto Snacks and Breakfast Guides

Lot’s of tasty, easy to make Keto recipes for all of the other meals you will eat on your programme.

 All of the recipes are designed to work with your personal goals and accelerate you to success

Support Network

You will be assigned a Muscle Fuel Success Coach who will help guide you through the programme so you can achieve an optimal result.

Your Success Coach will help you bust through plateau’s and get back on track if you slip up.

You’ll also be invited to our Private FB Community where you can get motivation and share your success with other challengers on the same journey as you.  

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Muscle Fuel Guarantee

Muscle Fuel is happy to offer you a full refund of the purchase price of your most recent order if you are not happy with the quality of the meals that have been delivered.

Guarantee valid for 7 days after delivery on meals that have been stored in the fridge, not frozen.