Healthy, fresh, pre-made meals

We believe the key to eating healthy is enjoying what you eat and having a variety. Our team of creative chefs work with New Zealand’s top suppliers to get the best locally sourced ingredients to create delicious seasonal meals.All meals are hand packed to ensure you receive portion controlled nutrition that is premium quality.

The production facility our meals are manufactured in is at the top of the industry in New Zealand. It operates under a custom Food plan monitored and audited by the government agency – Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI). Our customer’s safety when consuming our products is at the forefront of our production ethos so we take every reasonable precautionary step to ensure every meal is produced to the highest safety of quality and food safety.

You can see more about our master company, Hello Foods, here:


Team Culture

We want our customers to have the best experience possible and that starts with a group of people who are skilled and passionate about what they do! Muscle Fuel is a lifestyle… and it’s one we all believe in. Our team of over 50 members across several departments all work with the same focus, to bring you the best healthy fresh pre-made meal possible. A constant improvement culture streams through our entire business from new product development, production, customer service and business and distribution systems. Always striving to be better at what we do so you, the customer, can have a better experience.






Muscle fuel is at the top of the game. We ensure our meals are premium quality - and we have the awards to prove it.


"This meal is delicious! From someone who is rehabilitating from an unhealthy food addiction - this meal could single handedly convert me back into the healthy eater I once was"


Can’t beat the basics. Simple but effective. Delicious!


Tasty lite classic meals and no more cooking for me… Can’t wait to try the other meals available… Love it!


This might be Muscle Fuel’s best dish. Lovely spice to it and a nice range of veggies, love the rice blend. So much better than standard white rice by itself. The chicken is beautiful and flavour spot on. I order this one every time without a doubt now.