Are you chicken?

You are what you eat, or so they say. How much chicken do you eat? Can you handle the Muscle Fuel Chicken Challenge?$100 – all the precooked chicken you could possibly need!To launch our new Pure Packs meal plan we are offering 1 kilo of chicken per day – a total of 14 x 500g Pure Packs per week forONLY $100 per week (plus shipping) for up to 10 weeks!That’s less than half price!

Our pure packs contain *500g of chicken - cooked and ready to eat. Choose from different flavours of both Breast and Thigh from our range.Only 10 spots are available for the MF Chicken challenge.To qualify you have to post a video on your social media page and tag Muscle Fuel.We want to see how much chicken means to you!


We will choose 10 lucky winners for a spot on our crazy priced Chicken Challenge meal plan


*500g RAW weight, before cooked.