Meal plans make it super easy for you to eat right, and save time. Just pick a plan that suits your goals, choose your meals, then we’ll deliver them to you each week.
Enjoy Pre-made meal solutions Kiwi’s have loved since 2013!

10 Week Smart Kitchen

• Steady weight loss progression
• Caloric controlled
• Balanced AND Keto menu options
• Tried and true scientific weight loss approach
• Proven by thousand's of Kiwi's
• Less Restrictive meal options
• Increase your physical fitness

• Support Coach and Network

8 Week Keto Dash

• Accelerated results
• Keto menu options
• High Fat, Low Carb, Moderate protein
• Macronutrient Controlled
• Most Popular approach to weight loss in 2021

• Long term eating solution

• No workouts required

• Support Coach and Network

Muscle Fuel Lifestyle

• Automatic weekly delivery
• Choose from both menus
• Convenience of a weekly delivery of pre-made meals
• Fit them around your lifestyle
• Plant Based and Allergen friendly meal options
• Easy to Pause and Resume

• Largest menu to choose from

• Be the first to try new meals

• Join the MF Fam


“I have a fridge packed with Muscle Fuel Meals to keep me on track hitting my daily nutrition goals. It’s easy to fall off track and to eat crap food when you haven’t prepared your meals. This is why I love the meal options Muscle Fuel have to offer.”


“So glad i’ve finally kicked the bad habit of buying lunch and dinner everyday - Always led to bad food choices. Now I food prep Sunday nights for Monday to Wednesday meals. I get so busy during the week I find it hard to cook so Muscle Fuel to the rescue for Thursday to Saturday’s meals. Time saved is time being spent at the gym and other chores around the house that need to be done.”


"So I try to meal prep but life gets in the way and snowball effect, I eat non-nutritious foods. (Trying to stop using bad vs good, we aren’t a pack of angry hyenas). So to stop this cycle when I can afford it, I get a little help from the Muscle Fuel meals. They’re really yum and nutritious and I can walk in the microwave and cook it quicker than Scar turning his back on Mufasa”


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