As we have moved back into lockdown it's important that we maintain some kind of normality.

The government has previously done a great job putting initiatives in place to limit the spread and keep all New Zealanders safe and as tough as the restrictions were on everyone, it is important to stick it out again and keep Covid out of our community.


The aim of these measures is to limit person to person interaction in the community and in our workplaces. We are continuing to operate under strict health and safety protocols in order to keep staff and customers safe.

Our strict Food Safety Plan outlines the practices and protocols in place to keep both staff and customers safe.

We are committed to keeping Kiwis safe while we provide healthy, nutritious meals for those who need them the most.

Strict Health and Safety protocols

Our staff are working under strict new health and safety procedures, including observing social distancing measures, increase PPE including face masks and split shifts to reduce the number of people working together at any point in time.

Contactless delivery

New Zealand Couriers have implement contactless delivery to reduce interaction, keeping their drivers and our customers safe.
They will continue delivering in this manner for the foreseeable future.

Safe work hours

We will not be expecting our staff to work longer or harder hours keep up with the increased demand.
We may need to put a cap on the orders we process, with preference going to customers with referrals from govt agencies, essential workers and subscription customers.

Serving NZ

We work with DHB's, ACC and MSD to supply our healthy and convenient products for the use of rehabilitation post illness and accident rehabilitation. We also supply aged care and independent living facilities with meals for those who are unable to get to the supermarket.
We have put many protocols in place in our high grade food production facility to protect our staff through the use of PPE, social distancing in the workplace, shift patterns and self isolation outside of work so our staff are protected from transmission as much as possible.
99% of our ingredients comes from hard working Kiwi farmers, and we have processes in place to ensure that any food coming into our production facility are both safe and top quality.
We have contactless stock delivery protocols in place and sterilise packaging of products before we use them for cooking.
We work with DHB's to supply our healthy and convenient products for the use of rehabilitation post illness and accident rehabilitation. We supply aged care and independent living needs. We are also an accredited ACC vendor and assist our customers physical and mental needs including anxiety caused by having to visit supermarkets and those who are most vulnerable right now.
Orders and payment are all processed online. We use NZ Couriers to deliver our meal boxes via contactless delivery. This means that they have no physical contact with our team and they will deliver to your door without having any physical contact with you when they drop your meals off.

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