Tips to help you stay focused on the Keto Dash during Lockdown….again!


How are you feeling about being in Level 4 again? Let's think about what we can do to get through this and focus on accelerating our results.

With the right mindset, tools, and support from your Success Coach, Lockdown is a great opportunity to use this time to increase results by focusing on what positive and healthy habits you want to implement during this time of (hopefully) less distractions!

Here at Hello Foods we have provided a few tips and secrets to you help you smash your goals on the Keto Dash:


Mindset - get your head in the game

Focusing on why you started on this journey and how good it will feel to achieve your goals is a key point to succeeding in times like this. Focus your mind around the possibility that Keto can actually work for you.

Keep it simple as possible and focus on the fact that to have the time in Level 4 to call the shots and that you get to really think about what you want to achieve.

It’s important to understand that you can achieve success with the Keto Dash without having to get tired thinking about portions or macronutrients and you can just focus on eating healthy keto meals and getting on with the rest of your day

Research shows that it’s much more likely for your plans to not be derailed if you have a solid plan in place for what you’ll be eating and doing during the day- this is key as you have a structure to your day and therefore you rely less on willpower and more on habits/routines.

Enjoy Your Food

Another key to having a successful mindset for accelerating results involves the issue of control. The vast majority of diets never last because people make them too difficult to stick with, along with having inflated expectations.

This is why it’s really important to focus on enjoying your food. We are not here to deprive you. We want you to enjoy eating and not having to think about preparing food during Level 4. Instead, the keto diet should be a celebration of taste. It all really boils down to enjoying your food according to keto rules.

The Keto Dash is about making a change in the way you are eating that you can stick with for life.

Use Lockdown as an opportunity not an inconvenience to start changing your mindset according to the points above and the Keto Dash will become easier, and it is more likely to stick.




We want you to get out and exercise safely during level 4 lockdown. You can set a time every day to go for a walk around the block. While keeping 2 metres away from others and wearing a face mask of course!

Set yourself a distance or time goal and increase it over a few days.


This could look like:

Day 1; 1 Block walk (1k)

Day 2: 1 Block walk (1k ) plus 1 walk around the house

Day 3; 1 Block walk (1k) plus 2 walks around the house

Day 4: 2 Block walks (2k)

Or like:

Day 1; 20 minute walk

Day 2; 30 minute walk

Day 3; 40 minute walk

Day 4; 50 minute walk



Shared Workouts

You can also create awesome home workouts that you and the family can all be a part of!For example;

Complete 50 squats, 40 push-ups, 30 burpees, 20 sit ups, 10 around the house runs a team! See the workout on the next slide!


*It doesn’t matter how you share the reps as long as you complete them as a team. How fun is that!

We want to focus on making exercise fun and taking advantage of the time you are spending with loved ones. Even if this means doing a yoga or zumba class from the internet with the family. Have a laugh!

Exercise is very healthy for your mind and body so we feel a regular exercise routine will be super beneficial for you during lock down.




Shared Workouts:


You:25 squats

Your partner/Child/Flatmate:25 squats

You:20 pushups

Your partner/Child/Flatmate: 20 pushups

You:15 burpees

Your partner/Child/Flatmate:15 burpees

You:10 sit ups

Your partner/Child/Flatmate: 10 sit ups

You:1 house run

Your partner/Child/Flatmate:1 house run


Keep going until you both complete 5 house runs each!



Other exercises you can do from home in a workout are;

Lunges (front,back, jumping or sideways step), Tricep Dips on a chair or with a can over head, Stair Runs, Star Jumps, Wide Stance Squat, Plank, Leg raises, Glute bridge (single or double leg), Mountain climbers, Donkey Kicks, Skipping (with or without a skipping rope), Kicks, Punches and so many more!

Click here to see more exercises you can do at home.


If you want some more ideas on workout for your lock down, feel free to email your Success Coach and we can give you some more ideas.

Accelerate Those Results!

To accelerate your results while on the Dash, it is important to follow the meal plan set out in your e-books along with reducing snacks and increasing activity over the 8 weeks. If you feel like you have hit a plateau it is important to focus on trusting the process and sticking with it.

There are some great tips in your ebooks to keep you on track and of course your Success Coach is here too.

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