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How many pre-made lunches and dinners do you want our chefs to take care of for you?

How many pre-made lunches and dinners do you want our chefs to take care of for you?

The occasional cook option

Your lunches and dinners sorted for 5 days of the week. This flexible options leaves a couple of days for you to make your own meals.

Serves: 10

Calories per serve: 350 - 450

With $20 OFF First Week

Weekly price:  $149.90  $129.90
*plus $15 shipping NZ Wide

The maximum results option

Perfect option for the busiest challengers looking to maximise their time on the programme. 7 days worth of lunches and dinners, you are sorted for the week

Serves: 14

Calories per serve: 350 - 450

With $20 OFF First Week

Weekly price:  $195.86  $175.86
*plus $15 shipping NZ Wide

$20 discount only applies to first order. Price reverts to RRP as listed above after the first week.
Discount can only be used once per person

Weight-loss is based off the average weight-loss from Muscle Fuel customers who completed the Keto Dash programme and their goal was to lose weight and were successful in that goal. Individual results may vary. Muscle Fuel does not guarantee weight loss

Easy to follow guidelines to maximise your Keto Dash results. Support from your Success Coach

Access to our Private Keto Dash FB group

Our meals are designed to fit within Keto parameters, they all feature 10g of net carbs or less. With plenty of healthy protein and fats they are filling and delicious! Fresh and refrigerated until you are ready to eat. 2 minutes in the microwave and you are ready to go!

We deliver the goodness in a kerbside recyclable box with your chilled items wrapped in Woolcool, a biodegradable natural insulator that’s able to be recycled when you put it out for collection. We are committed to running an eco-friendly and sustainable operation.

BONUS OFFER - Register now and get a FREE box of 100 Keto test sticks so you can track your Ketone levels.

8 weeks yesterday since being on Muscle Fuel and I’m happy to say I lost 10.6kg!! Can’t believe I’ve done it*


My 8 weeks has now come to an end and wow, what an amazing ride. I have dropped 6.5 kg, am exercising every day and I feel amazing. I love the food so much!*


FINALLY weighed myself this morning. 12kg down in 8 weeks! And all I've done is this challenge. Only went to the gym for the 2nd time this morning (I've been busy lol)*


*Your results may vary, we make no claims to guarantee weight loss. We would expect typical weight loss of 1-2lb per week for Keto Dash customers who follow the programme accurately unless they have external factors such as hormone and inflammation issues.


Where do you deliver to?

We can deliver to ANY address across New Zealand as long as its not classified as Rural by NZ Couriers.  
You can check here: NZ Couriers Address Checker

If your address is rural we can deliver to an alternative address such as a work or friend/family address. Alternatively we have a series of drop off locations across the country we can deliver to. Just Livechat us with your address and we can let you know where the closest one is.

Can I CHANGE my meals?

Yes absolutely! Once you subscribe you simply need to login by clicking the Login button on the top right. After logging in you will be take to your profile. From here select 'Manage subscriptions' then click 'Manage Upcoming Orders'.

Choose which order you would like to change the selections in, then pick your meals from our menu and proceed to the checkout to confirm your order.

Change your orders as often as you like just remember to do it before the cut off time.  
Cut off times are:

Tuesday delivery - 6pm previous Sunday night (nine days prior to delivery).
Friday delivery - 6pm previous Thursday night (nine days prior to delivery).

When are the meals delivered?

We deliver your selected number of meals weekly, on a Tuesday and Friday. You will select the day you wish to receive them when you checkout.

How do I pay?

Payments are taken via credit or debit card only. A weekly credit or debit card recurring payment is taken, usually three days before your delivery day.

Can I hold my order?

If you are going away or are unable to receive an order you can pause your orders by logging into your profile and selecting the orders you would like to pause. You cannot pause your order after the cutoff time.

The company policy is a maximum 3 week hold period. If you need to hold any longer we recommend just cancelling the meal plan and starting a new one when you return.

Is there an early cancellation fee?

Nope! There is no penalty for leaving the Keto Dash before the 8 weeks is completed. If you would like to cancel your subscription log into your profile then select cancel subscription.

Cancellations must be made before your order cutoff time. We are unable to accept cancellations after this point. If you have any trouble simply send us a Livechat and we are happy to help.

Keto Dash - Lite

This is a subscription, you will receive an automatic delivery every week. Even if you forget to pick meals, an automatic refill will be prepared for you.

Choose delivery on either

Tuesdays or Fridays
NZ Wide

The cutoff for new subscriptions is:
Tuesday delivery (Following week) - Register by Monday 4pm
Friday delivery (Following week) - Register by Friday 4pm

If you register after these times your first order will be delivered the following week

First payment is taken at the time of registration

Number of Meals

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